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Trilliant networks announces micro access portal for zigbee

  • Publié le Mercredi 2 mai 2007 à 19:08
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Trilliant Networks Announces Micro Access Portal for ZigBeeProvides Industry's First Integrated AMI-HAN End-to-End Solution Built on IEEE 802.15.4 Standard

PARIS and REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 02, 2007 -- Trilliant Networks, Inc., the industry's leading provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) based on open standards, today announced the availability of the Micro Access Portal (MAP) for ZigBee, an extension of Trilliant Network's advanced wireless mesh network offering into home automation networks (HAN) using ZigBee.

Like other Trilliant Networks mesh devices, this ZigBee-based energy service portal device can be embedded into a wide-range of utility owned or managed components including meters, smart thermostats, in-home displays, remote appliance controller switches, or outdoor devices providing secure 2-way communications and control. The end-to-end AMI-HAN solution incorporates ultra-secure encryption/authentication and includes advanced software for consumer messaging, home management and load control. By using Trilliant Networks advanced mesh architectures utilities can deploy supplier-neutral demand response solutions that include interconnection of load-bearing consumer appliances and information displays with meters and system control centers.

"Trilliant Networks has been an active member in the ZigBee Alliance and a leader in the delivery of wireless networking solutions for utility applications," said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. "Customers are served by the broad range of solutions offered by a long list of major manufacturers serving the energy market who use ZigBee to deliver innovative solutions."

Trilliant Networks provides the industry's first end-to-end solution for unified AMI-HAN based entirely on IEEE 802.15.4 standards. The company is the first AMI supplier to deliver a standards-based platform for AMI and demand response (i.e., load control) incorporating thermostats and other loads such as pool pumps and water heaters. The solution also supports in-home consumer displays that control loads, display meter readings, and provides for utility initiated messages.

"Our holistic approach improves consumer participation in a dynamic energy economy," said Geoff Williamson, chief marketing officer for Trilliant Networks. "Home energy management through a unified access point is a critical infrastructure component providing in-home users the control they seek and utilities the easy-to-manage delivery they want. We enable the MAP to reside in any intelligent device, be it a meter, thermostat or display," continued Williamson. "This supports the varied economic preferences and demand patterns of the participants within our industry. We believe that single-source and proprietary approaches are not realistic given the diversity of this expanding market."

Trilliant Networks MAP solutions have been architected to provide compatibility-assurance and are remotely upgradeable in compliance with evolving standards

. These offerings are an extension of Trilliant Networks AMI and demand response solutions providing cost effective, high performance and highly reliable 2-way wireless communications for utility applications.


For utilities considering wide-scale AMI initiatives with unified demand response, Trilliant Networks MAP solutions are available now for evaluation-quantities with mass volume scheduled for Q1 2008.

The ZigBee Alliance is a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Trilliant Networks representatives, participants in several working groups within the Alliance, will be attending the ZigBee Alliance Open House and Exhibition in Paris on Thursday, May 3, 2007.

ZigBee: Wireless Control That Simply Works

The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. The ZigBee Alliance membership comprises technology providers and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Membership is open to all. Additional information can be found at

About Trilliant Networks

Trilliant Networks, Inc. is an industry leader in open solutions for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), demand response, and grid management. The company is focused on delivering ANSI and IEEE standards-based AMI, without vendor lock-in, enabling choice of meter, network and IT infrastructures. Trilliant Networks brings over 20 years' experience solving AMI needs for utility customers through the legacy of its Nertec brand founded in 1985. Additionally the company is the originator of the first ANSI tools for development, simulation and compliance now used by most meter manufacturers and AMI companies to develop and test ANSI meters as well as meter communication products. Trilliant Networks has more than 100 utility customers including Baltimore Gas & Electric, Duke Energy, Hydro One, Hydro Quebec, Milton Hydro, Northeast Utilities, OneOK, Public Service Electric & Gas and San Diego Gas & Electric.

For more information about Trilliant Networks, Inc., please visit our web site at Trilliant Networks is a trademark of Trilliant Networks, Inc. All other third party marks mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Contact:Paul KarrTrilliant NetworksPhone: [email protected]

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