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Passlogix va s'étendre en europe afin de satisfaire une demande croissante

  • Publié le Mardi 24 mai 2005 à 11:00
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la société nomme au poste de Directeur EMEA (Europe, Moyen-Orient et Afrique) John Handelaar, qui sera responsable des opérations au Royaume-Uni et en Europe

Presse économique / Technologie

NEW YORK & LONDRES -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- May 24, 2005 -- L'éditeur américain de logiciels Passlogix, leader international sur le marché des solutions d'entrée en session unique (technologie SSO, Single Sign-On*) destinées aux entreprises, a annoncé ce jour le lancement de la société au Royaume-Uni.

* La solution Single Sign-On remplace les identifiants mot de passe et utilisateur par un seul mot de passe NDS plus simple à retenir, NDLT.

(BW)(NY-PASSLOGIX) Passlogix to Expand into Europe to Meet Increasing Customer Demand; Passlogix Appoints John Handelaar as Director of EMEA to Drive Operations in the UK and Europe

Business Editors/Technology Editors

NEW YORK & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2005--United States-based Passlogix, the market leader in enterprise single sign-on solutions, has today announced the launch of the Company in the UK. The move is in direct response to increasing customer demand, as businesses become more security aware.

John Handelaar has been appointed as the director for EMEA and will be responsible for driving the business forward in this region. Handelaar joins Passlogix following a successful career in identity management, most recently working with Thor Technologies Inc., as European business development director. Handelaar brings twenty-nine years of experience in the commercial IT sector to Passlogix, including a number of management and start up roles.

Prior to his work with Thor, he worked as European sales director for Waveset (an US identity management systems provider – now Sun Microsystems) bringing the company from the US to the UK. As the director for EMEA, Handelaar brings comprehensive experience of both the identity management market and company expansion to Passlogix. "All too often, IT users are overwhelmed by having to memorise a large number of application passwords. Those users often forget the passwords and need to call the helpdesk for a password reset. Passlogix's v-GO SSO and complimentary products help companies resolve this issue," Handelaar commented.

"By requiring only one strong password and automating the rest of application password requests, companies can eliminate security risks from users writing passwords on sticky notes, sharing passwords or choosing weak, easily remembered passwords. These solutions also help companies to comply with recent legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II. Passlogix has enjoyed great success in the US, and I am very pleased to be taking up the torch here in the UK." Established in 1996, Passlogix specialises in developing single sign-on solutions

. Its software automates all application user credential and password change requests.

Passlogix solutions also allow users to reset their Windows(R) logon passwords without calling the helpdesk, extend strong authentication systems (such as biometrics and smartcards) to all applications, manage kiosk environments and securely provision user credentials. "We are delighted to have John on board and we are sure that he will provide invaluable leadership to our new UK division.

John will also bring a wealth of experience in the identity management sphere itself," said Mark Boroditsky, president and CEO of Passlogix.

About Passlogix

Founded in 1996 Passlogix(R), is the recognized industry leader in developing robust, easy-to-deploy sign-on solutions that deliver the infrastructure support and high return on investment enterprises demand. Passlogix combines patented intelligence based technology with the expertise of having deployed solutions for hundreds of customers of all sizes and in all industries. When it comes to addressing your sign-on requirements and advancing authentication and identity management, Passlogix delivers proven solutions. Passlogix is headquartered in New York City with sales offices throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom.

For more information please visit

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