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Itegranet révolutionne la communication des petites entreprises gréce au contréleur de session développé par newport networks

  • Publié le Lundi 6 juin 2005 à 15:53
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  • Source : Hugin

Presse Economique / Télécommunications

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2005--iTegraNet, Inc, révolutionne la manière dont les petites entreprises et les sociétés en expansion gèrent leurs communications en adoptant le contrôleur de session 1460 de Newport Networks qui garantit la qualité et la sécurité des appels entrants, tout en permettant l'interconnexion avec les réseaux IP de Level 3.

iTegraNet to Revolutionize Small Business Front Offices Using Newport Networks Session Border Controller

Business Editors/Telecommunications Writers

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2005--iTegraNet, Inc, is changing the way small and growing businesses manage communications by integrating the Newport Networks' 1460 Session Border Controller to deliver quality and security on incoming calls as well as for interconnection with Level 3's IP network.

iTegraNet, founded 2000, launched its Front Office Support(R) "live receptionist" and business support services in October 2004 through its sister company--Hosted Business Services, Inc.

Offerings include offsite receptionist and secretary services that incorporate a suite of IP-based calling features including call routing, call screening, conference calling, incoming fax storage, unified messaging and custom or after-hours greetings

iTegraNet develops and maintains the Hosted Business Services network that supports small, medium and large businesses.

The Front Office Support(R) service distinguishes itself from the increasingly crowded virtual PBX space by backing the network with a live customer care staff that is familiar with subscribers' businesses and acts as "virtual employees" for incoming calls.

Newport Networks' 1460 supports this by allowing secure call completion behind firewalls and NAT traversal devices, with a suite of features delivering carrier-class reliability and performance

Jeff Meacham, VP, Engineering at iTegraNet says the company selected the 1460 Session Border Controller from Newport Networks for its PSTN-caliber reliability and scalability.

"Our customers' businesses literally ride on our networks," says Meacham.

"The 1460 from Newport can handle the call capacities we anticipate and deliver the quality control and reliability we'll need to help Front Office Support subscribers sustain the greatest corporate image and customer relations." iTegraNet anticipates the Hosted Business Services customer base to quickly reach several thousand lines.

With capacities exceeding 120,000 simultaneous calls and the industry's most resilient architecture, Newport Networks' 1460 Session Border Controller gives iTegraNet the greatest economies of scale for rapid growth

"We love working with companies such as iTegraNet that have made a solid commitment to packet-based networking," says Brent Hayes, VP, the Americas for Newport Networks.

"Where many companies are still grappling with migration from legacy technologies, iTegraNet is embracing the future head-on, and we're privileged that they're counting on us to ensure the performance will be there


About Newport Networks

Newport Networks Group PLC, listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in May 2004 (LSE:NNG), has designed and developed the 1460 Session Border Controller to solve existing commercial and technical problems in the provision of Voice over IP (VoIP) and Multimedia over IP (MoIP) services.

The 1460 Session Border Controller addresses the key service delivery issues of quality and security, enabling service providers to create new revenue streams from VoIP and MoIP while controlling the cost of delivery

Based in the UK and North America, Newport Networks has an experienced team headed by Chairman Terry Matthews and CEO John Everard.

The team has a proven track record of identifying new service provider network technologies, developing products and managing the growth of international businesses.

Further information at

About iTegraNet

iTegraNet has worked for almost 5 years to develop revolutionary technology and systems that provide advantageous services to small, medium and even large businesses.

The iTegraNet team has been built on 3 principles: 1) Make it simple, 2) Make it work, and 3) Make it affordable.

Headquartered on the border of California's famed Silicon Valley, they have consistently accomplished their goals by developing outstanding relationships with top-tier carriers, vendors and service providers in the telecom industry and beyond.

The iTegraNet team is loaded with experience and creativity, and looks to lead the charge toward several areas of innovation in information technology.

For more information, visit


Newport Networks Media Contact: In the US Kelly Williams,

+1 (818) 292 1741

or In Europe and Asia Ian Courtney,

+44 (0) 292 038 4488

or Company Contact: Guy Reiffer,

+44 (0) 1291 635830

or iTegraNet Russ Emerson,

+1 925-272-0080

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