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Les processeurs de stockage revolution de netcell disponibles en europe gréce à avnet computing components

  • Publié le Jeudi 9 juin 2005 à 10:22
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Presse économique / High-tech

SAN JOSE, Californie -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- June 9, 2005 -- Netcell Corporation, fabricant de processeurs de stockage de données leader sur le marché technologique, et XFX, société réputée à l'échelle internationale pour ses innovations dans le domaine des technologies grand public, ont annoncé ce jour qu'Avnet Computing Components, premier distributeur européen de composants informatiques, allait commercialiser et distribuer la carte de stockage accéléré XFX Revo64 sur le marché européen.

(BW)(CA-NETCELL) Avnet Computing Components Makes Netcell Revolution Storage Processor Available to Europe

Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 2005--Netcell Corporation, the technology leader in storage processing, and XFX, the internationally renowned consumer technology innovator, today announced that Avnet Computing Components, Europe's largest distributor of PC components, will market and distribute XFX's Revo64 storage accelerator card across Europe. "Avnet's customers have been eagerly anticipating Netcell's Revolution storage processor technology," said Sati Bamrah, product manager for Avnet.

"Avnet Computing Components is proud to be the first to offer the XFX Revo64 storage accelerator card to the etail/retail/reseller market." "Avnet is an enormous distributor of computer components," said, Cy Brown, vice president of sales of XFX.

"Having such a high volume distributor behind XFX perfectly aligns us to deliver this new technology to the European marketplace." The XFX Revo64 storage accelerator card featuring the Netcell Revolution storage processing unit (SPU) delivers a 100% hardware-based RAID engine that powers the industry's only true hardware RAID 0, 1, 3 and JBOD storage arrays.

Completely driverless by design, the XFX Revo64 can be easily installed into new and existing computers in very little time. It is also completely compatible with existing applications and does not require driver updates. If a hard drive connected to an XFX Revo64 storage accelerator card fails, the system does not lose data nor does it suffer performance loss. "Avnet delivers a Pan-European channel for Netcell Revolution storage processors," said Bobby Sabhlok, vice president of sales for Netcell Corporation.

"We could not be happier -- our patented and cutting-edge storage protection technologies are now available to the wider European market."

About Avnet Computing Components

Avnet Computing Components is Europe's premier distributor of leading edge PC components. Our focused line card ensures a close relationship with each supplier and a sales force that is able to deliver in-depth knowledge on each product. With a centralized logistics facility we are able to hold large stocks of each line and provide next day delivery across Europe. Avnet Computing Components is a business unit of Avnet Technology Solutions. Avnet Technology Solutions markets enterprise and embedded technology products from the world's premier computer manufacturers and software suppliers. As a global technology sales and marketing organization, Avnet Technology Solutions does business in 36 countries and has dedicated sales divisions focused on specific customer segments.

Customers include value-added resellers (VARs), system builders and OEMs.

Avnet Technology Solutions is a USD 4 billion operating group of Avnet Inc. Avnet Inc

. (NSYE:AVT) is one of the world's largest B2B distributors of semiconductors, interconnect, passive and electromechanical components, enterprise network and computer equipment, and embedded subsystems from leading manufacturers.

Avnet Inc. markets, inventories and adds value to these products and provides supply chain management as well as technical development and services.

For more information please visit

About XFX

XFX is a division of the PINE group that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality video cards, storage processing devices and gaming devices.

XFX has over 10 branch offices around the globe covering over 50 countries with its premier product range and services, with 3 R&D centers strategically located in the Asia Pacific region and 2 fully owned factories in China (ISO9001 year 2000 edition Certified).

Over the years, the XFX brand has earned immense recognition and respect. NVIDIA, the market leader in visual computing technology, has given XFX an elite status of being the official Launch Partner Worldwide for the renowned GeForce series.

XFX is also being awarded by real gamers, receiving praise and awards from renowned voices in the extreme gaming communities that recognize our passion and expertise in delivering true performance products.

Full information is available from

About Netcell Corporation

Netcell is a privately-held fabless semiconductor company that develops host adapter storage acceleration silicon devices for the ATA and SATA host bus adapter, consumer, server, workstation and embedded storage markets. Using a unique patented architecture for writing and reading from multiple disk drives in parallel, Netcell enables a new class of storage product that advances the state-of-the-art for mainstream hard drive storage applications, delivering enterprise-class reliability with better performance, lower cost, and plug-and-play simplicity.

Storage products based on Netcell's technology will be aimed at next-generation entertainment PCs and graphics workstations used in media-intensive applications with rigorous performance demands.

For more information, please visit

Netcell and SyncRAID are trademarks of Netcell Corporation.

SyncRAID and NC5000 are covered by US Patents 6,018,778, 6,237,052 and other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.

CONTACT: Netcell Corporation Sean Cleveland, 408-935-7700



SOURCE: Netcell Corporation

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