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T1ps investment management : t1ps investment management : un seul fonds de petites capitalisations a genere des rendements positifs

  • Publié le Vendredi 12 juin 2009 à 11:58
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  • Source : Hugin
POUR DIFFUSION IMMEDIATE, LE 12 JUIN 2009 UN SEUL FONDS DE PETITES CAPITALISATIONS A GENERE DES RENDEMENTS POSITIFS Les derniers travaux de Trustnet montrent que parmi les 128 fonds de petites capitalisations, SF t1ps Small Companies Growth Fund est le seul fonds qui a généré des rendements positifs, 22,1 % sur les douze derniers mois. Ceci apparaît encore plus exceptionnel comparé à ses pairs. Le deuxième meilleur fonds a généré -4,2 % et si vous aviez été un investisseur des 50 meilleurs fonds de la liste, vous auriez perdu plus de 30 % de votre investissement. Robert Sutherland-Smith, co-manager of the SF t1ps Small Companies Growth Fund, commented: "This extraordinary performance is not a result of a large portion of the Fund being held in cash - in fact less than 7% of the Fund is currently held in cash and we have not had more than 10% in cash for many many months. We have a vast amount of experience in the small cap arena and we simply put investors' money in stocks that are going up." The Fund invests in over 35 companies ranging from Formjet (market cap £0.93 million) to Centamin Egypt (market cap £789.28 million). These companies are from 12 different sectors although the Fund is overweight in gold, oil and tech. Below is a graph of the Fund's most recent performance against its relevant benchmarks The Fund holds £8 million under management which is spread amongst approximately 700 private investors. Tom Winnifrith, who co-manages the Fund, has shown his conviction by placing most of his personal pension and ISA within it. "Our aim is to hold on to stocks that have the potential to deliver 100% to 200% growth over five to ten years. We would only sell if we believe they have become fundamentally over valued

. If a stock gets tipped in a tip sheet and goes up by 10%, it can give a temporary blip. Some fund managers will be glued to their screens but we take a long-term view, not a day-by-day one." The Fund is fully ISA'ble and should be an attractive proposition for those individuals thinking about where they are going to use their enlarged ISA allowance. -ENDS Enquiries: Bishopsgate Communications Nick Rome/Will Tindall 020 7562 3350 About the Fund T1ps Investment Management is owned by the rapidly growing media and financial services group Rivington Street Holdings. The Fund is an open-ended investment company (OEIC). An OEIC invests in the shares and securities of other companies with the aim of benefiting its own shareholders. The Fund has a single pricing structure, which means the buying and selling price of shares is the same. The price of shares in the Fund at any point in time is based on the value of the investments in the Fund (the underlying assets). The number of shares in issue depends on the demand for them. As an OEIC, more shares can be created as the demand increases. Similarly as shares are cancelled when people withdraw their money, the Fund can shrink. Copyright Hugin Ce communiqué de presse est diffusé par Hugin. L'émetteur est seul responsable du contenu de ce communiqué. [CN#154781]

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