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Transend annonce que plus d'un million de cartes emv supplémentaires sera déployé avec pocketserver.

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MESA, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 26, 2005--TranSend International Inc. (TranSend) a annoncé aujourd'hui que Banka Koper a commencé à émettre en Slovénie des cartes EMV MasterCard OneSMART avec PocketServer™. Banka Koper est la première des sept banques de l'Activa System Bank Group à procéder à un tel lancement. Les banques Activa émettront plus de 1 million de cartes EMV au cours des deux prochaines années.

( BW)(AZ-TRANSEND) TranSend Announces That More Than 1 Million Additional EMV Cards Will Be Deployed with PocketServer

MESA, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 26, 2005--TranSend International Inc. (TranSend) announced today that Banka Koper has begun issuing MasterCard OneSMART EMV Cards with PocketServer(TM) in Slovenija. Banka Koper is the first of seven banks in the Activa System Bank Group to launch. The Activa banks will issue more than 1 million EMV cards over the next two years.

While details of the financial arrangements are confidential, Banka Koper and TranSend are pleased by the resulting benefits to both companies

Dan Wright, president of TranSend, stated, "I was extremely impressed with the size and attendance of the launch event.

In attendance were media representatives, Slovene government officials, business managers from the 100 fastest-growing enterprises, and banks from surrounding countries." Wright continued, "Interest among many of the banks in the region for our product is very high and we will work with them so that they can also have successful launchs of PocketServer for their EMV programs.

I personally appreciate Banka Koper's leadership in the region and their commitment to promote the benefits of PocketServer within the Activa Group and to banks throughout the geographic region." Being a leader, Banka Koper is the first financial institution to utilize PocketServer 3.2 which includes one-click form fill instead of the previous drag and drop technique for consumer information.

Banka Koper and TranSend both anticipate increased benefits from this new convenience feature for its customers


Wright further added, "With drag and drop, financial institutions reported a 400% increase in profit and a 50% increase in retention.

One can only imagine how much better the results will be with the auto-form fill in 3.2; perhaps as high as 500% or 600%." About TranSend International Inc. TranSend International Inc.

is a worldwide leader in "Turning Problems into Profits"(R) for financial institutions.

Its PocketServer(TM) and PocketServer Plus(TM) software applications are used to protect their customers against identity theft, phishing and other forms of Web-based fraud.

TranSend's CardTouch(TM) is a stored value clearinghouse platform

PocketServer(TM) and PocketServer Plus(TM), with a growing base of over 4 million users, provide a convenient and secure online experience coupled with Two-Factor Authentication.

Financial institutions have reported a nearly 400% increase in profitability through additional Web-based purchases and a 50% improvement in customer retention (Card Technology Magazine, 2/15/05)

PocketServer(TM) is endorsed by the three leading card associations and is delivered on both EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) smart cards and smart USB devices

PordivME(TM) is the brand name under which TranSend sells PocketServer(TM) to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and consumer markets

CardTouch(TM) was developed in conjunction with five major financial institutions and certified by a Big Four accounting firm

For more than 12 years, CardTouch(TM) has been used for clearing and settling stored-value transactions by financial institutions, universities, telecommunications and transportation authorities (approved for use by the U.S. Federal Transportation Administration)

TranSend: "Turning Problems into Profits" For additional information go to

CONTACT: TranSend International Inc., Mesa Dan Wright, 480-907-5740, ext.23 [email protected]



SOURCE: TranSend International Inc.

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