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Net.com présente une table ronde avec les décideurs leaders du secteur : " le voip pour l'entreprise mondiale : des opportunités pour qui (r) "

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Source : Hugin Posté dans la rubrique le 07/06/2005 à  12:06


Business Editors/High-Tech Editors SUPERCOMM 2005

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2005--net.com (NYSE:NWK), fournisseur mondial d'équipements de communications, a annoncé hier un événement en direct destiné aux médias uniquement le 8 juin présenté à l'occasion du Supercomm de Chicago : une div ronde entre les leaders du secteur et les analystes investisseurs sur le sujet du VoIP pour l'entreprise mondiale selon la perspective de l'opérateur de teléphonie, de l'entreprise utilisatrice finale et de l'investisseur.

( BW)(IL-NET.COM)(NWK) net.com Presents Industry Thought Leaders Debate: ''VoIP for the Global Enterprise: Whose Opportunity is It?''

Business Editors/High-Tech Editors SUPERCOMM 2005

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2005--net.com (NYSE:NWK), a global supplier of communications equipment, announced today that it will present a live, media-only event on June 8 at Supercomm in Chicago: a debate among leading industry and investment analysts on the topic of VoIP for the global enterprise from the carrier, enterprise end-user and investor perspective.

Now at the beginning of the rapid deployment phase of adoption, end customers and the carriers that will offer IP voice service are lining up in two camps -- the "Rip & Replace" model vs. a migration strategy that enables end users to leverage legacy technologies as long as it makes economical and technological sense. net.com offers its SHOUT VoIP Migration Appliance (VMA) for the second strategy

"VoIP is finally gaining acceptance as a viable technology and is now ready for wide-scale adoption across virtually all market segments and verticals," said Zeus Kerravala of Yankee Group, one of the panelists.

"Initially adopted by voice wholesalers and prepaid calling card providers to lower operational costs, VoIP has since gained traction in tier one service providers, enterprises, call centers, small businesses, governments, and even the home. We expect this session to generate an interesting and thought provoking debate of how VoIP will be roll out as the market continues to unfold." Large, multinational organizations may have more to gain from cost savings on international toll bypass, application/productivity enhancements and potential savings in limited satellite bandwidth than any other segment.

But they are also likely to have multi vendor PBX implementations and complex networks, which they are loathe to disrupt with a wholesale "rip and replace" scheme.

Do hybrid PBX solutions work in this setting? How do you manage federating to partner sites? Who stands to gain -- vendors? Carriers? And what do the promised productivity gains for the enterprise really look like? The analysts will explore multiple perspectives of these questions and more during a one-hour breakfast session.

-- Zeus Kerravala, Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure and Security, Yankee Group: commentary on the early phase of the market and how that is likely to differ from the next phase as we move on to the majority adopters;

-- Joe McGarvey, Senior Analyst, Carrier IP Telephony Infrastructure, Current Analysis: enterprise VoIP as a carrier-managed service; -- David Yedwab, Executive Vice President, Eastern Management: the challenges of switching to VoIP, and developing an effective RFP for the process;

-- Robin Gareiss, Executive Vice President and Senior Founding Partner, Nemertes Research: by the numbers -- what enterprises have and how they're moving;

-- Dr. Martin Steinmann, Venture Partner, Vesbridge Partners: companies and technology on the horizon: where the investments are going.

The "town hall" style debate will be held over breakfast at the Hyatt McCormick Place Conference Center, Room 10A on Wednesday, June 8, 2005.

To participate, contact Charles Escoto, 510-574-3047 or charles_escoto@net.com.

A conference call option is available to journalists not on-site.

To participate, call 800-603-9684 -- North America; 706-643-1389 -- Internationally.


. to make certain a line is available.

The event will also be webcast (www.net.com <http://www.net.com> ) for those who wish to listen but not participate in the Q&A portion of the debate, and will be archived.

Conference proceedings will also be available shortly after the debate.

Also at Supercomm

net.com will exhibit its SHOUT platform for IP telephony provisioning at the SIP Summit, Booth #67088, Pod C. Additionally, net.com will participate in a demo of its SCREAM platform for video conferencing in Bay Microsystems Booth #61082.

The demo, entitled "The Network is the Experience," showing a 10G convergence of voice, video and data, is comprised of network solutions currently operating in Federal networks that are immediately available to service providers from Bay, net.com, Marconi, and Naval Research Laboratories

net.com's Craig Forbes will also moderate and present at a half-day IEC TecForum on Thursday, June 9, entitled "Building the VoIP Business Model: Marketing, Deployment and Operations Blending TDM and IP Voice." The TecForum will explore the business cases and implementations of VoIP in carrier and enterprise networks.

About net.com

Network Equipment Technologies, doing business as net.com, is a leading provider of networking equipment that enables its customers to adapt to a broadband future.

An architect of the networking industry, net.com has been supplying service providers, governments and enterprises around the world with bulletproof networking technology for more than 20 years. net performance. net results. net.com.

Visit www.net.com <http://www.net.com> for more information.

net.com, SCREAM and SHOUT are trademarks of Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.



Richard Williams, 919-554-3532 (U.S.) email: rwilliams@zonicgroup.com


David Rowlands, +44 (0) 1291 626200 (International) email: davidr@cohesive.uk.com



Tonya Bacon, 301-408-4500 email: tbacon@gotostrategic.com


Brenda Ropoulos, 510-574-2508 (Investors) email: brenda_ropoulos@net.com

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